Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’ve got me a spankin’ new blog…

This is, in fact, my first blog.  I live in the midwest, I have very little of the extraordinary about me but I am sadly obsessed with the finer and more frivolous things in life.  Good tunes–or badly organized sound, according to my Lito–are my main vice.  Accordingly, I am going to be hosting a radio show on KSLU on Wednesdays from 9-10:45AM where I hope to supply the student body with bon mots and groovy music.

And then there are the clothes…. I’ve seen some pretty interesting outfits around SLU and the CWE lately so I think I’ll snap a photo or two (with permission of course) and post them here, along with my latest material infatuations and other lamentably trendy things.  Maybe I will hit up Wash. U and the  surrounding areas too.

So dear readers…or reader (if Grandpa managed to navigate the turbulent waters of the World Wide Web)…that is all there is to it.